Thursday, July 24, 2008

tour galore!

Return of Spice Girls tour: bestselling tour of 2007

Whether you like it or NOT! The world's favorite girl power quintet is hailed as the most expensive Popstars to ever return on global tour last year. Get away Hannah Montana and Pussycat Dolls, Spice Girls still rules. Madonna knows that as well, hehe!

The Associated Press has just released the top 20 concert tours of 2007 and The Spice Girls came out on top, no surprise there! Here is the list of the top 20:

1. (New) The Spice Girls; $1,665,476; $108.68.
2. (New) Van Halen; $1,256,744; $103.84.
3. (1) Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus ``Best Of Both Worlds''; $1,003,152; $57.13.
4. (3) Rascal Flatts; $791,830; $70.18.
5. (5) Ozzy Osbourne; $687,965; $73.24.
6. (6) Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $648,609; $40.88.
7. (8) Michael Buble; $600,681; $70.69.
8. (7) Mana; $594,018; $45.33.
9. (9) Chris Brown; $591,281; $64.42.
10. (10) Linkin Park; $541,989; $46.11.
11. (11) Foo Fighters; $447,511; $40.41.
12. (New) Reba McEntire / Kelly Clarkson; $442,409; $52.49.
13. (12) matchbox twenty; $420,028; $56.18.
14. (New) ``Dancing With The Stars''; $402,202; $72.34.
15. (13) Brad Paisley; $358,321; $45.68.
16. (15) Kid Rock; $358,216; $40.00.
17. (14) Jonas Brothers; $330,858; $44.90.
18. (16) Larry The Cable Guy; $256,846; $43.92.
19. (17) Katt Williams; $250,161; $49.77.
20. (18) Three Days Grace; $170,186; $33.62.

"10 Golden Rules of Girl Power":

  1. Be positive
  2. Be strong
  3. Don't let anyone put you down.
  4. Be in control of your own life and your destiny.
  5. Support your girl friends,
  6. and let them support you, too.
  7. Say what's on your mind.
  8. Approach life with attitude.
  9. Don't let anyone tell you that you can never do something because you're a girl.
  10. Have fun!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bestfriend: phase one


(phase one)

I should be sleeping now. Resting my tired soul from another day which I borrowed from fate, again. Everyday feels like another pain to live and another lonely experience to endure without enough reason to go on.

It’s 12:30 in the midnight and my mind doesn’t want rest. Haunted, bothered and worried. How am I supposed to endure another day tomorrow when the same fear and uncertainties would come knocking at my door?

It’s past midnight but my heart won’t keep me safe from hesitation. My head is on the verge of recalling, remembering or looking back even if I don’t want to dig the memories. They say I am too sentimental sometimes. They say I am too emotional most of the time. And most of the time, I always hesitate to move on and just couldn’t leave the past behind. How am I supposed to do that? When I was made this way and look at the world with so much sentiments and regrets.

I wish I was someone else. I wish I could be stronger like you or anybody else. But I can’t do anything about it rather than follow my heart most of the time and carry the weight of the world at my shoulder whenever I am hurt.

For such a long time already, we know each other by words we wrote in emails or chat conversations. You know that I am emotional most of the time and that makes me more vulnerable than ever. I hope I could wish my feelings away. But these are all part of me and pieces of me wanting to let go.

Well, what can you expect from someone who was born with lonely memories and turn his inner sentiments into foolish poetic mumblings? I may be artistic in weaving words into enigmatic lines but it all came from my inner woes and unspoken melancholy. I need to remember the hurt, how I was hurt and who hurt me just to write something misunderstood. Though it feels good to write about it still it makes me a weaker man, a vulnerable soul.

Friend, I’ve had enough of useless words circling around the bushes of my denial and excuses. I’ve had enough of everything that keeps me hold back the tears meant to flow or wounds that deserves healing... inside.

I’m afraid to call someone my bestfriend because sometimes being friends is the best excuse to hurt someone who expected to be treated more than a friend. I don’t to avoid that “word” just because it might lead to disappointments. It is because I usually fall for that one.

I don’t want to fall for a friend whom I realized I truly care about the day he forgot to say goodbye on our graduation day. God, I realize I was a fool to neglect him during those times he tried to reach out to me. He tried to show me how it feels to care for people selflessly and expect no return. He was there to show me the meaning of keeping my feet on the ground and accept that not everything in life is about loneliness. He taught me that music is a channel of emotions. Whether ballad or rock it’s still rooted in love. He taught me that not all people are fake and I should open my heart to understand what others should feel. We were so good, the best of friends and he was a friend who always forgive me whenever I did something wrong.

Our friendship was challenge by judgmental minds around us and people who don’t understand how it is to truly love your bestfriend even without telling him how much he means to me (deep inside). He was a friend who taught me that I shouldn’t care what other people might think about us because what we share was real and sincere. But on the night he told me how much I mean to him, I hold back and shut my mouth about how I truly feel just because I couldn’t accept who I really I am and why I tend to feel this way.

Then I started to make fun of his emotions and mistreated him hoping he would always forgive me. I just thought that he was always ready to forgive me and understand me if I would hurt him. I always thought that he would accept all my excuses just because my parents did all the excuses to break my heart and gave me all the reason not to trust people since I was young.

It took more than a year to cling on to my worthless pride by not talking or ignoring him even if he was trying to reach out for me. But I was stonehearted outside just to show him that I don’t need him. But the truth is, I am brokenhearted inside longing to hold him, talk to him and tell him how I miss the things we used to do. I miss those times we were talking nonsense stuff outside their garden at night while counting the stars in the night sky. I miss his nonsensical jokes that made me laugh and watch his cute eyes wink. I miss those times when he used to share the answers of our math quiz because I am pathetic when it comes to this subject. And all I can do every time I miss him was to hide behind the wall and watch him waiting for me from afar.

So when I promise myself to finally break the silence and talk to him on our graduation day, he never showed up. I can’t forget how my classmates appreciate the tears I shed on our graduation ceremony. They thought I cried for them because we were parting ways soon and start a new life ahead, grow up and finally leave high school life behind. But they were wrong because deep inside, I cry for my bestfriend who failed to say goodbye on our graduation day.

He failed to attend our graduation and say goodbye because he was trying his luck for a scholarship interview. He never told me that before he disappeared because I was pathetic to hold on to my worthless pride for a long time. And denied the reality that he was trying to be there for me amid the silence I created between us. I did the biggest mistake of my life and that mistake haunts me more than ever. For the past seven years, my regret was turned into a memory of loneliness that would haunt me in my sleep every night. He was always there, making me feel guilty and incomplete.

It took me seven years to finally got the chance to meet him face to face again. But that special moment only lasted for 20 minutes because I decided to leave. I want to talk to him but something tells me to runaway. To let him go even if the heart never wanted to let go... of everything we’ve been through. So I walk away even if his hands were pulling me back. I left because I had to hide my tears and look again in his enigmatic eyes that silently express of how much I mean to him. But when I started to look back, I lost him again in oblivion, in uncertainty, hoping that fate would set our path to cross again. And before he faded away, all I got was blank text messages and unspoken words of his true feelings.

The meeting happened again but after nine years. But it is too late this time. Too late to realize that he was already married and my chances to talk was over.

They say first love never dies. As for me, it dies but not the experience or the lessons learned. So I decided that when another bestfriend comes around, I would choose the other way around. No more silence or denials but only certainty and selfless response.

And it did come knocking at my door again. But this time, a bestfriend isn’t always the best one your heart chooses and my perception about love would change.

Did I get what I wished for?

It’s 2:30 AM and I should live another day tomorrow, again.

(end of phase one...)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

love stuff

Shelter: it’s where you’ll find life’s realities and love in its rare form

"Cute young artist, skateboarder, surfer with complicated family life and responsibilities falls for best friends uncomplicated and successful older brother. Will the relationship work out?"

I love the film, I really do. For me, It is an instant classic since Brokeback Mountain. It tells the story of being different and judged by the homophobic world without seeing the capacity of your heart. In it’s core and essence, the film stay away from the usual gay-themed films with crisp and natural form but reveals deeply relevant storytelling. I must say that it has so much sensitivity and passion, capable of bagging filmmaking awards internationally. I love how it unveils the hardship of coming-out, accepting the existence of love, friendship and the importance of family as a home. A home is not always what we used to know but it will be a home once it is filled with hearts willing to love unconditionally. A home is where you’ll feel safe from the blindness of the world sometimes.

So I wrapped up some rave reviews about the film and a synopsis. We hope it would leave the same echo in your heart as much as I do. The film is indeed an instant classic for those who wanted to look for a break from the usual sci-fi, pop culture movies.

The synopsis:

Forced to give up his dreams of art school in order to take care of his family, Zach (Trevor Wright) has become accustomed to a life where he neglects his own needs in favor of taking care of others. He spends his time working a dead-end job at a diner, and skates the urban streets of San Pedro stenciling his signature “crane” wherever he can find vacant wall space. At home he takes care of his nephew, Cody (Jackson Wurth), as his older sister, Jeanne (Tina Holmes), has clearly shown that her priorities lie elsewhere. Perhaps conveniently, with all his responsibilities, he barely has time to see his long term on-again, off-again girlfriend, Tori (Katie Walder).

When his best friend’s older brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe), returns home to cure a case of writer’s block, Shaun and Zach begin hanging out. Zach sees in Shaun someone who has truly claimed his own life and embraced his talent. Zach is both intimidated and surprisingly attracted to him. The two quickly transition from casual surf buddies into a true, intimate relationship. Shaun presses Zach to take control of his life, and to take ownership of his artwork. He also develops a strong bond with Cody, and Zach happily notices the positive effect Shaun’s attention has on him. As time progresses, however, a host of new issues come up. Zach struggles with his identity, his family, and friends, while trying to understand the new emotions Shaun has brought into his life. When the cat is let out of the bag, Jeanne threatens to take Cody away. Wanting nothing but the best for him, Zach is forced to decide between his pattern of always putting others’ desires first or fighting for what is really most important and appropriate for both his and Cody’s future.

International reviews:

“for all these reasons, it's important that films like this continue to be made. there are many beautiful, memorable things about SHELTER -- the plot, the character-development, the cinematography, and [yes] the acting. one of the most impressive aspects of the story is how completely it avoids the myriad gay cliches that have plagued the movies -- gay = mentally ill; gay = doomed to tragedy and death; gay = sexual predator; gay = obsessed with clubbing and drugs and material wealth. gay = incapable of actual love or of a happy family life. in avoiding all these tiresome platitudes, SHELTER offers a refreshing [and much more accurate] image of what it means to be gay in 21st-century America”


"In the sweet and sexy romance Shelter, the chemistry between two surfer guys magnetically played by Brad Rowe and newcomer Trevor Wright is so electric, so palatable that even the most ardent nitpickers won't break a sweat over the small stuff."

Randy Myers, Costa Rica Times

"Shelter rises very high indeed, thanks to a superb performance by Trevor Wright in the lead role, a strong supporting cast, very good cinematography and, most of all, emotional authenticity."

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicles

"Shelter may only be shoreline deep, and its ending fanciful, but the film captures the beauty, thrill and ache of young love and extracts a casual joy out of the process."

Sid Smith Chicago Tribune

"What could have been a standard-issue coming-out, coming-of-age movie develops a remarkable intimacy."

John Hartl Seattle Times

soap stuff

The Best Year might be the best soap ever in American TV

Lately, my heart is caught off-guard and fell head over heels in love with a new American TV series I accidentally saw at Velvet channel in Sky Cable. From the first time I watch the TV series, I was intrigued to the interactions of the characters especially Samantha Best who holds a lot of sad stories about her family. He college life will bring her to a journey of emotions, drama and discovery. Not to mention some cute guys killing each other just to have her in their lives, a bunch of interesting friends and a whole lot more you can expect from a real soap opera. So here’s a synopsis of the TV series that made me hooked. The series is mesmerizing a lot fans around the world lately. Though I haven’t seen the last episode of the season one, I will try to look for it. I love the story, I can relate to it…and so is everyone who had a harsh college life, hehe!

Synopsis from the official website:

The Best Years, the highly anticipated hour-long drama created by Aaron Martin (Degrassi: The Next Generation), follows orphaned and full-ride scholar, Samantha Best (Charity Shea), as she starts her freshman year at the prestigious Charles University in Boston, Massachusetts. Samantha has been shuffled through the foster care system her entire life and is finally looking forward to a future of new opportunities and friendships. She has to contend with the ins and outs of college as she struggles to find her own identity.

Along the way Samantha meets her new roommate Kathryn Klarner, (Jennifer Miller) a rich socialite from one of the most prominent families in the mid-west; Devon Sylver, (Brandon Jay McLaren) a fellow scholarship recipient and star basketball player who has caught her eye; Dawn Vargas (Athena Karkanis) child actor who trades in Hollywood for university; Trent Hamilton (Niall Matter) part-time student and full-time head bartender at Boston’s hot spot, Colony; and Noah Jensen (Randal Edwards) Devon’s room-mate, a business major with a future planned in Hollywood. With a part-time job at Colony, Samantha finds herself juggling a lot more than just academics. With her new-found friends, her employer, Lee Campbell (Alan van Sprang) and the benefactress of her scholarship, Dorothy O’Sullivan (Sherry Miller), Samantha has found her new, occasionally dysfunctional, family.

The Best Years is created and executive produced by Aaron Martin. BLUEPRINT ENTERTAINMENT’s Noreen Halpern and John Morayniss also serve as executive producers. Brenda Greenberg, Peter Bray and Wendy Grean are producers. Paul Jackson is a consultant for the series and Karen McClellan and Sean Reycraft are co-producers. The series’ editors are Paul Day and Paul Winestock. The show’s theme song, ‘Infinite Possibility’ is written and performed by Mark Wiebe a.k.a. Markattack (a.k.a. Sinewave).

The Best Years is produced by BLUEPRINT ENTERTAINMENT in association with CanWest MediaWorks Inc. and The N, with the participation of The Canadian Film or Video Production THE BEST YEARS

Promotional news about the TV series from the official website:

All-new original series From acclaimed Writer/Producer, Aaron Martin

Debuts May 22 - 10PM ET/PT (60 mins.)

Toronto, April 26, 2007 - The choices you make now could last a lifetime…The Best Years, this season's all-new original drama captures the highs and lows of campus life through the eyes of six college freshmen.

From Global Television and Aaron Martin (writer/executive roducer, Degrassi: The Next Generation), this 13-part series makes its world television debut Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT beginning May 22nd.

“We’re thrilled to bring this smart, sexy new series to Global,” said Christine Shipton, Vice President of Original Programming for CanWest MediaWorks Inc. “The Best Years delivers top-notch writing, compelling storylines and a talented young cast – a combination we know our audiences will love.”

Audiences nationwide can live The Best Years along with central character, Samantha Best (Charity Shea, “Alpha Dog”) as she begins her freshman year at prestigious Charles University in Boston , MA . Orphaned at a young age, Samantha is leaving her foster-home past behind - full scholarship in hand - to take on the future, and the hallowed halls of the Ivy League.

Along the way she meets her new, occasionally dysfunctional surrogate family, including socialite roommate Kathryn Klarner (Jennifer Miller, “Instant Star”); fellow scholarship recipient, star basketball player and potential crush, Devon Sylver (Brandon Jay McLaren, “She’s The Man”); Dawn Vargas (Athena Karkanis, “Kevin Hill”), a former child star who trades in Hollywood for university; Trent Hamilton (Niall Matter, “Heaven Or Something Like It”), part-time student and full-time bartender; and Noah Jensen (Randal Edwards,“Smallville”), Devon’s room-mate, a business major with a future planned in Hollywood.

“As a first time television series creator, it’s an adrenaline rush seeing the show come to fruition on the small screen. I am extremely grateful to Global Television for their continued support throughout the process,” said creator and executive producer Aaron Martin.

“Global is a great supporter of Canadian talent, and in Aaron, they have a creator who has delivered in spades – this is a series that promises to be a hit at home and around the world”, said executive producer Noreen Hal pern.

The Best Years is also slated to premiere this summer on The N, a programming arm of MTV Networks in the US , and is distributed internationally by FremantleMedia Enterprises, the commercial arm of FremantleMedia, one of the largest international creators and producers of program brands in the world.

Produced by BLUEPRINT ENTERTAINMENT in association with CanWest MediaWorks Inc. and The N with the participation of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit; and The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit. BLUEPRINT ENTERTAINMENT’s Noreen Hal pern and John Morayniss also serve as executive producers. Karen King-Chigbo is Production Executive and Christine Shipton is Vice President, Original Programming for Global Television.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Spice on the list

Revenge is Sweet
Former Spice Girls star Mel B is set to get her revenge on ex-lover Eddie Murphy on her new solo album.

The singer - who has a 14-month-old daughter Angel Iris with the Beverly Hills Cop actor - has penned a hate-filled track to vent her frustration at Eddie, who she claims rarely sees Angel.

She told Britain's New! magazine: "The working title on my new song is Beverly Hills C**k because that is what he is. He never bothers with his daughter. I mean, what kind of man is that?"

However, Mel has admitted she may have to tone down the lyrics because Eddie's legal team have asked to hear the song before her LP is released.

She added: "His lawyers will be vetting the lyrics closely."

Eddie dumped Mel while she was pregnant with Angel, and then questioned the paternity of his baby.

A DNA test later proved he was the father.

Mel, 33, recently revealed she isn't worried about going it alone and working on her third solo LP.

She said: "I am not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now 10 tracks in to my new record."
Spice Girls Power Back onto Forbes List
The Spice Girls' have been propelled back into the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity List after nine years.

Their return is thought to be attributable to their recent money-spinning tour.

The band are 50th in the famous list, ranked according to the influence of a celebrity in one year.

David Beckham moves from 15th last year to fifth in 2008, thanks to his return to the England team.

Oprah Winfrey retains the top spot for the second consecutive year.

Golfer Tiger Woods is second, followed by actress Angelina Jolie, and singer Beyonce Knowles.

JK Rowling is ninth, from 48th place last year, and is the highest earner on the list - having made £153 million this year.

The Police enter the Forbes list for the first time, at number seven, thanks to a world tour.

Gordon Ramsay makes his debut in 95th place after launching restaurants and a TV series in the US.

Simon Cowell is at 22 from 21 last year, Keira Knightley up from 71 to 37, and Daniel Radcliffe is at 64.

The list is ordered according to how much celebrities are paid and the levels of attention they receive.
Mel B Writes Black Hannah Montana
Former Spice Girls star Melanie Brown has written a new sitcom which she describes as the "black version" of hit children's TV series Hannah Montana.

Brown has penned the script and is set to star in the new series, which has been picked up by TV channel Nickelodeon and is scheduled to go into production later this year.

The singer claims the show has a style similar to teen star Miley Cyrus' programme Hannah Montana - which has been a major global success - but insists it will appeal more to young, black kids.

She says, "I've written my own sitcom that's just been picked up by Nickelodeon that I start at Christmas."

"I'm the star of it. It's a bit like Hannah Montana, but the black version."

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is it, who's quitting?

TOP TEN X-men of all time

I hate to say this, but, the home universe of comicdom and superhero films-X-men revealed the TOP TEN X-men of all time. Ranking each mutant hero not only through their uncanny powers but their heroism, spirit to survive and legacies to remember for every X-fans. This is it, I have no power to alter it coz' it's Marvel's way of ranking them... Lucky, Jean Grey was part of it. if not, I would ban their site, hehe. Just kidding.


First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #129 (1980)
Find Out Her Deal… Here
Why She Makes The List: Unquestionably, the dynamic of the X-Men shifted entirely when teenage whiz kid Kitty Pryde joined the team in the early '80s. The X-Men had long since moved away from their roots as one of the first teenage super hero teams, but dropping Kitty in among the adults led to charming and explosive results. Though Kitty has since blossomed into a young woman of considerable maturity and power, she remains the access point to the X-Men for countless readers.
Finest Moment: Travelling to Japan to rescue her father from the Yakuza, Kitty falls under the mental domination of Ogun, Wolverine's evil former mentor, who plans to

use her as a living weapon against his one-time student. Not only does Kitty overcome Ogun's control with Wolverine's help, when presented with the opportunity to slay the man who dominated her, she declines, settling for besting him in combat and staying true to her own code of honor. (KITTY PRYDE & WOLVERINE #1-6)
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #143 In her first major test solo as an X-Man, Kitty confronts a N'Garai demon

First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #129 (1980)
Find Out Her Deal… Here
Why She Makes The List: The X-Men's bad girl turned good (?), Emma Frost has turned heads since she first made the scene as the nefarious White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Though we've since learned Emma's motivations have never been as simple as pursuit of money or power, she remains unpredictable and you never know when her ice queen exterior may give way to something more sinister. However, as headmistress of the Xavier Institute and Cyclops' lover, Emma has also shown a softer side—one she'd prefer nobody ever see.
Finest Moment: After months of treating X-23 like a leper and attempting to push the feral girl out of the Xavier Institute, Emma shows her true and ruthless colors when the assassin Kimura comes calling for Laura and the rest of the New X-Men.

The former White Queen wipes Kimura's recollection of her grandmother, the one saving grace in her otherwise torturous existence, from the killer's mind, and warns her never to come near her "kids" again or face the wrath of the mother hen from hell. (NEW X-MEN v2 #36)
Spotlight Comic: EMMA FROST #1 Emma blossoms into a young woman and discovers her mutant powers, shaping her life for years to come

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #201 (1986)
Find Out His Deal… Here
Why He Makes The List: Undoubtedly one of the more complicated mutants in the X-Men Universe, Nathan Christopher Summers has come a long way since his early days. Initially a mysterious and embittered soldier from the future, Cable gained more depth as he formed a parental fond with his X-Force soldiers and later learned of his own parentage as the son of Cyclops. Now with a child of his own to look out for following "Messiah CompleX," Cable's journey becomes even more dangerous—and more crucial to the future of mutantkind.
Finest Moment: At the climax of "X-Cutioner's Song," Stryfe stood poised for victory, having shredded Cable to bits, knocked Havok out of the equation, and

was preparing to snuff out Cyclops and Jean Grey once and for all. Despite Stryfe's taunts of him being merely an imperfection, Cable found the resolve to launch himself at his evil twin with his last ounce of strength and detonate a time warp to send them plunging into limbo, saving the life of his father and surrogate mother. (X-FORCE v1 #18)
Spotlight Comic: CABLE & DEADPOOL #10 Intent on making his island home of Providence a safe haven for the world, Cable stares down the X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D. and even the Silver Surfer

First Appearance: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (1975)
Find Out His Deal… Here
Why He Makes The List: One of the strongest X-Men, Peter Rasputin stands out more as one of the gentlest with perhaps the kindest soul on the team. With instant charm as the simple farm boy come to the "real" world in order to do his duty, Colossus has weathered the tragedy of losing each member of his family, including his beloved younger sister Illyana, and emerged stronger each time, his heart as unbreakable as his steel skin.
Finest Moment: From the moment the Legacy Virus claimed the life of his sister Illyana, Colossus vowed not to rest until he saw the disease

eradicated. When Beast discovered a cure, Peter Rasputin breathed a sigh of relief, until he learned it could only be operated if a mutant gave their life. In one of the most touching moments in X-Men history, Colossus uttered, "I'm coming snowflake," preparing to greet Illyana as he injected himself to save mutantkind at the cost of his own life. (UNCANNY X-MEN #390)
Spotlight Comic: ASTONISHING X-MEN #5 Returning his apparent demise, Colossus rejoins the X-Men to battle his captor, Ord.

First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #1 (1963)
Find Out Her Deal… Here
Why She Makes The List: Jean Grey's emotional struggle to conquer temptation and overcome the power of a god with her humanity lay at the center of "The Dark Phoenix Saga," to this day arguably the greatest X-Men story of all time. When she's not a star-devouring cosmic nightmare, Jean has been the soul of the team, the surrogate mother many turn to in time of crisis, making her a sentimental favorite for many fans.

Finest Moment: In the end, the X-Men couldn't stop Dark Phoenix, the Imperial Guard couldn't stop Dark Phoenix—only Jean Grey could stop Dark Phoenix. Recognizing that the situation had gotten beyond out of control and that the stakes were too high to keep playing games and waiting for a solution, Jean made the ultimate sacrifice, giving her own life to save the universe. Sure, she came back later, but she couldn't have known that at the time… (X-MEN v1 #137)
Spotlight Comic: X-MEN v1 #101 Jean Grey becomes Phoenix for the first time.

First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #1 (1963)
Find Out His Deal… Here
Why He Makes The List: Well, without Charles Xavier there would be no X-Men, so that's a start. Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants provides the bedrock upon which the entire X-Men mythos takes place, but the man himself has been both an inspirational and divisive figure to his students and to readers. On one side the saintly father figure to a generation and on the other the man willing to endanger the lives of children in service of his dream, Professor X provides contrast and fuel for great stories.

Finest Moment: Returning after years in space to aid his students against the encompassing evil of the Shadow King, Xavier engages his opponent in psychic battle on the astral plane. Despite his oldest foe's considerable power, the Professor's willpower proved enough to save his "children," but not without cost: the mind of his son, Legion, whom the King inhabited, and Xavier's uses of his legs for the second time. (UNCANNY X-MEN #280)
Spotlight Comic: X-MEN v1 #117 Charles Xavier encounters and battles his first evil mutant opponent—the Shadow King.

First Appearance: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (1975)
Find Out His Deal… Here
Why He Makes The List: The first truly inhuman in appearance mutant to join the X-Men, Kurt Wagner has long allowed writers and artists to further explore and expand the X-Men's roles as outsiders. However, far from a character consumed by doom and gloom, Nightcrawler's chivalry, flair for the dramatic and sense of humor have made him one of the most likable X-Men ever, a character you genuinely look forward to seeing leap into action. A study in extremes, Nightcrawler can bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye.

Finest Moment: In horrific battle with none other Dracula, the X-Men fall one by one before the Lord of the Vampires until Nightcrawler remains. With his teammates lives and the souls of Storm and Kitty on the line, Nightcrawler knows his strength and speed won't be enough and turns to another weapon in his arsenal—his faith. The blue mutant's ardent belief in a higher power and greater good proves to be the monster's undoing. (X-MEN ANNUAL v1 #6)
Spotlight Comic: NIGHTCRAWLER #1 Apart from the X-Men, Nightcrawler investigates the mystic, demonic side of the Marvel Universe.

First Appearance: GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (1975)
Find Out Her Deal… Here
Why She Makes The List: From thief to goddess to warrior to queen, few X-Men have evolved over the years as much as Ororo Munroe. One of the strongest female and strongest black characters not just in the history of the X-Men but in all of comics, Storm's outer beauty and inner nobility have always transcended gender and race and contributed to her tremendous popularity. The X-Men experienced arguably their best years with Storm as team leader, in large

part due to the lady's depth of character and admirable fortitude.
Finest Moment: After losing her powers, Storm had to prove to herself she still belonged on the X-Men—following that, she had to prove to her teammates that she deserved her spot. Challenging Cyclops to a duel for leadership, Storm relied on only her natural fighting skills and wits to outmaneuver and defeat the optic-blasting veteran. (UNCANNY X-MEN #201)
Spotlight Comic: ORORO: BEFORE THE STORM #1 A tale from Storm's misguided childhood as a thief on the streets of Cairo.

First Appearance: X-MEN v1 #1 (1963)
Find Out His Deal… Here
Why He Makes The List: From the beginning, Scott Summers has been the hardest working soldier in service to Professor X's dream of peace between mutants and humans, but his growth as a character and slowly but surely gained independence have made Cyclops an increasingly intriguing part of the X-Men mythos. His love affair with Jean Grey has provided some of the most endearing soap opera-esque comic yarns of the past 40 years and his current relationship with Emma Frost has revealed even more undiscovered facets of the once shy "Slim" Summers. Realizing that the survival of mutants as a race falls on his shoulders and that he may need to sacrifice his belief in the dream to ensure that preservation, Cyclops has become the X-Man to watch.

Finest Moment: Attempting to spoil Cyclops' wedding to Madelyne Prior, old X-Men foe Mastermind used his powers of illusion to make the rest of the mutants see their former leader as Dark Phoenix reborn, pitting him against his old teammates. Out of practice, outnumbered and up against the likes of Storm, Wolverine and Colossus to name a few, Cyclops uses his strategic mind to hold his own and rescue his bride from the villain's clutches. (UNCANNY X-MEN #175)
Spotlight Comic: UNCANNY X-MEN #201 Cyclops duels Storm for leadership of the X-Men while his wife gives birth to their son

First Appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK v1 #180 (1974)
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Why He Makes The List: The obvious choice? Maybe, but for a reason, bub. A complex and layered character beyond his violent temper and fierce claws, Wolverine gave the X-Men the franchise character it lacked and opened the doors for new types of stories set from the Canadian wilderness to the streets of Madripoor and back alleys of Japan. Whether through his rivalry with Cyclops, close friendship with Nightcrawler, unrequited love for Jean Grey or mentoring of Kitty Pryde and Jubilee, Logan has enriched the characters around him through his relationships with them. The most popular X-Man of all time, we think Wolverine also lays legitimate claim to being the best there is at what he does.

Finest Moment: During the X-Men's first confrontation with the Hellfire Club, the villains managed to incapacitate every member of the team save for Wolverine, who licked his wounds in the Club's sub basement as he prepared to charge to the rescue. The subsequent scenes of Logan running roughshod through the Hellfire Club soldiers unfortunate enough to get in his way by legendary artist John Byrne have become quintessential portraits of indomitable spirit. (X-MEN v1 #133)
Spotlight Comic: WOLVERINE #1 Logan's first solo adventure by legendary creators Chris Claremont and Frank Miller sees the Canadian beaten and battered on the streets of Japan.