Monday, October 19, 2009

Chinese savour


(Published in itravel Philippines July-August 2009 issue,

No flight ticket is required. Not even packing up your bags. Just follow your palate for some scrumptious cuisine without ruining your budget. Head to the premier shopping malls of Iloilo and Bacolod cities, then, viola, you have Hong Kong Kitchen to fulfil your gastronomic cravings.

More than a food trip, Hong Kong Kitchen started to fascinate local Chinese food lovers a few years ago on the ground level of Robinson’s Place Iloilo. Since its opening, the bistro’s authentic Chinese cuisine has magnetised people from all walks of life. A real trip to Hong Kong can be self-indulging by savouring its dishes which are reasonably-priced to woo the discriminating taste of the Ilonggos.

Hong Kong Kitchen’s restaurant manager and food connoisseur who has worked in the food industry for 14 years, Arceli Parre┼łas Abria takes pride of the restaurant’s authentic Chinese cuisine. Peking duck is what Hong Kong Kitchen is known for amongst its regular diners. And amidst its high-end price, some of them find the right reason to spoil themselves on such palatable gastronomic fare. All-time favorite Chinese dimsum, noodles, soup, fish, veggies, and poultry specialties are worth flaunting the way they tease the tongue with authentic and healthy cookery. Preserving their reputation in the food business, Hong Kong Kitchen chefs use only imported natural herds, secret spices, and cooking techniques to create the best culinary creations. Even in the midst of recession and price increase nowadays, the resto’s food quality is maintained in a high-standard height to satisfy its diners. Cost cutting of ingredients is not its option.

Diningwise, Hong Kong Kitchen’s ambience appeals to all and even to the discriminating diners of Iloilo and Bacolod. Its Chinese elemental atmosphere exudes an inviting feeling for everyone to dine in and enjoy a good meal.

At regular weekdays, most especially during lunchtime or dinner, their usual customers are students, yuppies, and professionals. The bestseller is its budget friendly merienda meals from 2 PM to 5.30 PM for only Php 78. The luscious Chinese combo meal is worth dying to the palate for as much as Php 98. Of course, ala carte and short orders are still available for choosy diners who want a more personal choice of premium Chinese dishes. At weekends, families and sweethearts often find the place perfect to spend their special moments over luscious gastronomy. To cater groups of diners, Hong Kong Kitchen offer a set of menus just enough to tickle the tummy of five or more people for Php 980. Whatever choices and variations of Chinese dishes you have in mind, their affable and customer-oriented wait staff is always there to assist and definitely never forget to wear a smile.

Although there’s a lot of thriving bistros and specialty restaurants in Iloilo City nowadays, Hong Kong Kitchen may be one-step ahead not because it serves authentic Chinese cuisine or having an inviting ambience. With no pretense, it strives to exceed what excellent dining truly means—value for money, delectable food, and an ounce of positive energy.

Fly straight to Hong Kong and savour its luscious kitchen creations without actually going there. Hong Kong Kitchen is strategically located both on the ground floor of Robinsons Place Iloilo and Bacolod with telephone numbers (033) 338-2677 and (032) 441-0718.

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