Monday, October 19, 2009

Passion for food review


(published in itravel Philippines July-August 2009 issue,

Sometimes, I have this desire to satisfy my craving for the word “scrumptious.”
It was more than five years ago when I first set foot on a high-end bistro called The Promenade of Days Hotel Iloilo in The Atrium on Bonifacio Drive just across the Iloilo Provincial Capitol. Honestly speaking, those early years of my exploits as a newbie features writer for a local tabloid led me to discover a lot of fascinating destinations in Iloilo. Writing about the sprawling restaurants and bars in the city was indeed a fascinating delectation. The Promenade is no exception.

My first Promenade dining experience enticed my keenness on food writing. Irrevocably obvious, the culinary creations, serene ambience, and congenial staff are sheer elements of its success in capturing countless diners that made the bistro their regular habituĂ©. Its international culinary connoisseur, food and beverage manager Rey Ponsaran has the knack for conceptualising unique, if not tastefully themed, gastronomic fare. A reason why it has established a word-of-mouth praises from food lovers who have a taste of Iloilo’s best.

This bistro is a hub of delectation for diners and their dining affinity. For one, diners can pick anything from the menu book and can expect something scrumptious. The Promenade buffets are tongue-pleasing, eye-catching theatrics of culinary parade that climaxes to a satisfying and fulfilling healthy feast. Salad bowls are freshly prepared, appetisers are succulent, main courses are mouth-watering, and desserts are simply a treat to one’s sweet tooth.

In lieu of its tradition for capturing the taste of food aficionados, The Promenade redefines its reputation as metropolitan Iloilo’s finest through its palate-pleaser buffets: daily Power Breakfast from 6 AM to 10 AM, “Indulge” Saturday dinner buffet from 6 AM to 10 PM, “Meshi” Japanese dinner buffet from 6 AM to 10 PM, and Las Paellas Spanish dinner buffet from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Every dining experience at The Promenade leaves a pinch to the heart, a distinct pull to the taste buds, and a desire to come back again.

So, I realise my first dining experience at The Promenade wasn’t the last. It feels and tastes like it’s always the first every time I follow my desire for the word “scrumptious.”

The Promenade is located in Days Hotel Iloilo in The Atrium on Bonifacio Drive— with telephone number (033) 3373297.

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